"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears(in NM Chicks & Cat & Cutlery)

Here is what I have in my master bathroom! I know, probably not one's typical bathroom items...but it works for us!

These are Dominiques and will look like this when they mature.

We went to our local feed store and they had 13 left, so we bought them all. We actually saved 1.60 per bird. The floods back east have caused havoc on the live birds, being distributed, but fortunately for us, these were hatched in Portales, New Mexico.

I love the idea that the pioneers brought these wherever they headed. I really do feel a kinship to those that came before us, and had to use their brains, and improvise so much. Thanks to them I know that the Double Nickel will be just fine.

Now here is a bit of our ingenuity:

Bill has made Fourth in charge of all doorknobs/handles on everything built. The middle two boys have built everything, mostly from there designs...but Fourth has the honor, of choice of how we will enter. So here is the door to the greenhouse. I have not painted it, but will soon. I just thought that you would like to see her creation!

Now to who loved what is being housed in the bathroom:

If you look at the first photo again, you will see Lainy on the right. She is the reason I took the picture. I think that she must think that we are the greatest people ever...only if we open the latch to the door.

Oh and the chicks will be for egg laying, and the 3 younger are assigned to 4 each to name. The remaining chick I have named Colony(as it is a distinctive American breed, and 13 chicks, 13 original colonies, oh and I do love history!)
One more little tidbit, the brooder sides and board under it, as well as the greenhouse door are made from salvaged wood. A friend of Bill's is retiring from the bench, so he gave us all his campaign signs and nearly 60 t-pole posts for us to use at will! Thank you Judge S.!

The master bath is not complete...soon it will be and I will add photos!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I Blog Part II

If you have not read Part I, please do so before you read this post. It is just below this one

So I blog as a mother, and speak often about abortion. I rarely get responses when I write about abortion. Is it because I am too pushy? I hope not. But I wish to write because most of the blogs I visit I consider the blogger to be fairly intelligent. I just think that in the 21st century we have been sold murder as a choice and we are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Now when I see how abortion has become not only accepted but touted as a need because if it didn’t exist, think of all the drug babies or handicapped children that would be born and tax our society. I am troubled by this as it is a slope that can only go one way…DOWN. Take a moment and reflect on history and the social security number. This number was never to be used for identification, yet here we are 70 plus years later and the social security number is not only for ID purposes, but has become the thing to steal to become a new person.

Can you imagine how Roe v. Wade will impact society 70 plus years after its ruling? I just wrote about a living breathing baby that was considered a non-person. And states that have the Death Penalty abuse the unborn even more. If a woman has been murdered and was pregnant often the unborn receives person status, so that the death penalty can be an option. WAIT A MINUTE! How can this be possible? I mean if, until the child is born it is non life and has no rights, then this is an abuse of the law. Either you support Roe v. Wade or not, but get off the fence.

And come on many, many, many conservatives have been elected into public office, thereby supporting the woman’s right to choose. So by omitting a stand one is supporting the murder. Oh and it is murder. I am sorry that one may get angry with me, or feel I am judging them because they had an abortion. Let me make this very clear, I am not judging you. As a Christian, sin is sin. I draw no line of distinction between one and another. But as an American I do draw a line. You see the legal system has made murder a crime. The legal system has made a set of laws, which we as citizens either support or don’t. But to then have the courts usurp their own laws, by the Roe v. Wade ruling, I see no safety, nor security for any law to be upheld. No I am not bashing our first responders or law enforcement. I am bashing the courts and wayward judges and attorneys parsing the law to their personal agendas. Whereas some things are gray and should be determined on a case by case basis, aborting the unborn is not gray.

You see as a woman who has given birth, I felt the flutter of the baby early. I then, near the end of my pregnancies watched my entire stomach shift as this little human was alive and well and moving inside me. I have also seen a foot imprint on my stomach and could feel the fanny of the baby. So when one says that this is not life, or one says that it is not life worth living I shout loud. I was advised to abort my daughter. Wow…

And aborting due to poverty or bad home life is crazy. Who determines what wealth is? And many overcome all sorts of odds. In fact, I just saw a news story about a college basketball team who let a Downs Syndrome boy play and he scored a basket. Hope comes from stories like this. And grief from cases where the handicap is so debilitating that the quality of life is zero. Either way, a person must come to grips with the crime of murder.

We are lying to young women about abortions. One would think that a young pregnant mother would understand that she is carrying life, but thanks to nearly 40 years of convincing people that abortion is not killing, the woman aborts. If and when she carries a baby to term she KNOWS the truth.

What is next? Who is next? Fat people? I mean if we abort fat people from our societies we then have extra food, and save on medical expenses. Do we then move to those over 70? I mean if they are on social security then they are a dead weight to the rest of us? How about short people? I mean the millions wasted on footstools, and alterations on clothing? Why don’t we abort everyone that is not well blended. Well blended? By this I mean those who are too white or too black or too brown. Heck we are so much more important when we all are so similar than different. Oh and just for my preference let’s abort all who like the El Camino…that car drives me crazy.

See what happens when we establish a law that is self serving more than for the cessation of a crime? Oh and abortion is self serving. It is funded by the government. It is to do away with a living breathing person…for reasons such as to hide a sexual relation, fear of disability(to include cleft palate) because one is too young, too old, not enough money, and in very low cases to end a case of rape or incest.

If I still am not getting my thoughts across let’s see the national groups that support abortions…and a woman’s right to choose. I am going to list the obvious…NOW(National Organization Of Woman) the Democratic Party, and now a big shocker the NEA (National Education Association).(According to this site there are approximately 3.5 million teachers in the US)

When you think of why you hold your beliefs think about your children. They are being educated by teachers that have huge Unions that support the womans right to choose. One would think that children and the lives of their future students would be important. I mean job security…hello? More babies, more students more teachers hired, the quicker one moves up the ladder of job security.

Well as I have written about many times, I feel deep grief and sadness for those who have been aborted. Especially as I grow older, as I wonder, did the next Einstein not make it? Did the one who could have discovered the cure to Alzheimer’s not make it? What about the one who could make space travel possible for the common man? I feel pain for the children who are being taught in public schools by teachers that pay dues into a Union that supports the murder of other children Yes, I just wrote that, THEY SUPPORT MURDER OF OTHER CHILDREN. See babies are just the reduced form of children which are the reduced form of adults. No I am not being condescending, I just felt that I needed to state what an unborn baby is…it is YOU, OR ME, OR YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND, OR CHILD, OR GRANDCHILD.

Thank you for taking time to read why I blog. I am grateful that you blog too!

Just a housewife in New Mexico taking a portion of her day to allow another’s otherwise unheard voice to be heard.

Please remember this, I am not against teachers, as many have had to pay dues to the above listed unions without a say. With Planned Parenthood as a link on both Union pages, I wonder...how a teen would react to this...Beware of so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" that are anti-abortion. These fake clinics advertise free pregnancy testing to lure women into their anti-choice agenda. (planned parenthood)

See how the spin is? Anti choice? My gosh...how evil are those people? Anti choice...no folks forget the anti choice nonsense...here is the way the groups should be labeled: pro-murder and pro-life...it is best to keep things simple isn't it?

One more thing...as an adult in this nation I too have blood on my hands, as I have not made a serious effort to cease this atrocity. I blog to have my voice reach others...as we must stop this insanity. We must no longer condone this...May God forgive us all.

Planned Parenthood
Eagle Forum and the NEA
In addition to the NEA the union AFT(American Federation of Teachers has around 1 million members)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I Blog Part I

I have decided that I need to take a few moments and tackle why I blog. On many other blogs I have tried to give a window as to why one should blog. I think now I will explain my reasons.

In an email to a friend I explained the purpose of my blogging, and neglected a few things. First off who am I and does that matter? Yes, it matters, no not my specific identity, but my role in blog land.

I am a housewife, in times where being all that you can be and having a fulfilled life means escaping the home. So, I have taken jabs to my lack of knowledge because you know, I stay home. But I love my role. In fact you may see *me* today in your neighborhood. I am the woman who parks far away from the store, because even though I am not model thin, I do try to maintain my health. I am the person who waved you in, when you were waiting to get in the turn lane. For you postal workers I am the one who visits with you when you drop the mail off. I also chat with the FedEx person, and UPS person.

I hold the door open for those of you who are older than me, and I also am available to watch your child even though you called me 5 minutes ago. I also am the one who will meet you at the park just to catch up. I always bring extra food so that your children may have a snack when we do go to the park.

I also am the one who lifted up her husband so that he could be the police officer next door. I delivered meals to his department when cases or crises arose and they could not leave the station for a long while. I am the person who volunteered during a wildfire to assist with telephone calls while my children played in the courtroom…As a stay home wife and mother I am aware of the happenings of the neighborhood and visit with the older couple that may not talk to anyone else during the day. I also may answer the door without having a chance to shower yet, as I may have begun painting or crafting or testing the children and am running behind schedule. But I will answer and invite you in, to visit or to roll up your sleeves to help me!

Now what do I have to say that would make any difference? Well that depends on the day. I have a passion for children. I have an incredible desire to at least speak for those who never will have a voice. I have an incredible desire to patiently or sometimes not so softly address things that make me sad. My brother once told me that I am seen as the sister to many and the mother to the rest. I believe he was referring to my compassion to others. Maybe some will think that I am plain looking, and that is why I am seen this way. Guess what? If that is the case, it is okay with me. You see I am not here to win beauty contests, nor be the most famous in the room. I really am here to see the best in others. That is it, oh and lift them up.
to be continued...

cross posted on Pen of Jen

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Excitement on the Farm

Second got his driving permit today! As you can see everyone shares his excitement! Second made all the calls and told everyone the happy news!

Well What a Day

Did you ever convince yourself that you were absolutely right on a subject? I know that I have. Today, I was confronted and yelled at by someone and all I could think of was wow. In all of my life aside from my step dad, I have only been yelled at 3 times. And today was one of those days.

I tried to go positive and not be brought down but this person was adamant in her position and kept on. In fact after she confronted me she yelled at my son Third, in front of a large group of children and adults. Talk about a day.

All I could think of was, can this really be happening? I felt sadness for her, and what caused such a build up. Do you know that I have worked my whole life to be uplifting and positive. No I am not always successful, but I truly try and see the best in everyone. I am not always successful but this is my goal.

As the day was going, on my other blog, I had a pretty negative comment. It was derogatory and aimed to slam a post that I wrote about my husband and my in laws. Puzzling to me, but I am glad that today encompassed these things as I came home and painted, and tried hard to focus on this Holy Week and what the Lord did. I also took the time to pray for a family that due to a change in jobs has to be separated until at least June. I worked hard to focus on Him, and prayed also for this woman.

I really admired this woman and her husband. They built up their own family business and from all appearances are very hard working people. I pray that today she got out of her system whatever is bothering her, even if I was the butt of her anger(along with Third). I pray that I can not focus on this day, except to think positive. I pray that I am not one to dwell on how shocked I was, but that it was me instead of another. I thank God that I have a husband to be strong and help me when days are down.

Thanks for letting me zip through my day.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where's am I?

I have not been posting much on either blog as life has been busy. We had 2 days of high winds nearing 70 mph) and lost many shingles from our newly purchased farm house.

Mini update as to ongoings...
~repair of walls and soon floors of family room/ dining room nearly done. Floors have many holes...what on earth do people do?
~sewing and mending many things.
~spent a few days going over old paperwork and burning unneeded business papers.
~learned a tip on how to assist someone who has neck/back injuries how to get up off a chair. Funny this would have been something one would think that should have been taught in the road to assimilating to the lifestyle post accident.(thanks Sarah)
~kids working on major report for school...each one has been busy researching.
~I have been studying the history in the Bible...and this has been incredible and exciting.
~working on a list of 101 projects to finish by June 1. I will post the list then with all that has been accomplished...hopefully all of it will be complete.
~continuing my quest to limit my life...clutter, TV, computer and the likes. So easy to fill life up with so much...my plate is full I hate to admit that, but I love my husband and he needs me more and more daily. I can never undo time and so do I wish to recall the years of little time or cherished time?
~using as much in salvage as possible in our quest to get Double Nickel up and running.
~trying to overcome the feeling that anyone would even care about my journey.

Oh and I am trying to forget that Bill told me that our neighbors had a rattlesnake on their property...I know that they are on mine too...but for my sanity I am going to walk slowly and carry a stick(funny but TRUE)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday's Original Post

Bill tinkered with the computer so I am back and think all is ok?! I have a stool make-over to share with you.

A friend gave me this old stool...her husband works for the schools and I think he brought this home from a dumpster. She did not want it, and gave it to me. I almost threw it away myself, and then I received a package in the mail. A sweet wonderful woman sent me the farm fabric, because of the Double Nickel Farm(she said she thought I could use the fabric).

Well I sure could as I love it!Now this was a quick makeover and I hadn't even removed the glue(strings) before I took the photo. All I used for the makeover was a piece of rope, the fabric, glue sticks, a bit of batting, and a button.




Click on the photos to see the cute farm fabric! I have still a lot of this left over and actually completed one other project and have 2 more to go! So thank you my friend for the fabric. It was a delightful surprise from the North.

Help my laptop is cONfUSed

I do not know what is wrong with this computer>>> Caps lock makes the letters not capitalized< I cannot use a comma a period but I can be excited? I am glad that I published the photo last night for the caption contest>>>as it was stored on this computer>>>it is one of my first saved pictures~~~and I knew eventually I would use it~

see it here~~~pen of jen~Well it appears like I cannot link either so penofjen(dot)blogspot(dot)com~~~I can"t use the period either so dot is period>

I planned to post a makeover of a stool~~~with some lovely fabric that I have but I cannot post the photo either~~~

So instead of Wacky Wednesday it is Turnupside Down Tuesday

When Bill gets home I will have him study this problem as I am no computer guru!
And I cannot even open the comment part>>> forgive me

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks For Your Comments

Thank you for your comments on my last post. As I began typing I was only trying to illuminate how each of us may be in a gathering today, but the path there was not the same. I wrote the post so one could see that as a Christian and being part of the Body of Believers does not mean that we are all walking without scars and wounds. What it means is that through Him one could overcome, and receive the precious gift of Salvation.

Now that said, it still means that each and everyone of us has little or big things that are part of our foundation that although are not in crisis anymore, still are the building of who one is.

I hope one understands that the Blood of Jesus is for all of us. All one needs to do is A, B, C, admit Jesus died for your sins, believe he died on the cross for your sins and rose 3 days later, and confess your sins to Him. No sadness, nor pain, nor grief, nor evil can stop any who choose Him. How awesome is that? How incredible is the fact that even during my childhood, He was there, and I found solace in His creation...in walks and collected rocks that I still have today. I found peace in the woods, the fields and the animals. I also must confess after I wrote my post, I realized that Jesus died for Fred too. I do not know if Fred understood these things or ever heard the message, but if he did, I know that Jesus died for Him.

As we blog we interact outside our comfort zones, and realize maybe for the first time things about others that you never thought could happen, nor maybe even knew could happen. It opens us up to realities and must make one take in account the idea that maybe this is why one can only do so much, or be so much. As part of the Body of Believers, we are all not exactly the same, and maybe my post has allowed another to understand one that they personally know.

It is easy to cast an opinion about another and talk about why they cannot continue or why they cannot do this or that...maybe through the Blood this person is able to do what you may see as very little, and actually it is monumental. Remember the woman who gave all her coins...just because we see what may appear as a very small effort...be careful, it may be all a person has.

Does that make sense? I am sorry if any have changed their opinions of me. I rarely speak of Fred. I really think only of my dad who was killed in Vietnam 2 months before I was born. I am sorry if one feels that being so open is something not for you. I really do understand. I lived survivor mode for a long time. You see when the house is lovely, and everyone is beautiful, the world won't believe that anything wrong is going on. I must clarify things...when I headed west, I had no direction, no real clear plans except I was going to LA from Ohio. My friends, even though I was not a believer I believed God was guiding me. I broke down, and found Bill...shortened version. God has been there with me all along, and I cry for joy knowing this.

So don't cry or feel sad for me, feel joy and happiness that my children have a dad. Feel joy and comfort that my children know that they have a Saviour, and most importantly feel peace and joy that even broken spirits can be healed. Be comforted in the fact that my childhood did not define me. And finally appreciate your husband, your children's father, and the safety that you have in your home.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Peek Again

When I woke today I realized as I have been down, that it is a bit to do with the fact I am who I was. I can become anything, but my base is where I begin with everything.

So I begin. I wrote to a friend a while ago that I have always been a housewife. I haven't sought attention, and actually am not comfortable in it. Now I may seem like I love it, and I am an organizer, and a leader, but the position causes me great angst.

Today I take a journey back to my first day of seventh grade. Junior High...I had made it! The classes switched and I really felt like a grown up. It was very exciting, and I was on the cross country team, and I signed up to run for student council(which I got).

After cross country, I was picked up by mom, and the kids were gathered around the table sharing the excitement. I was new to Junior High, my brother Pete was a freshman, and soon the oldest two girls would leave for their freshman year at college(they chose separate universities). But for the moment we were all gathered. Except my step-dad. I was sitting near the back porch and every few minutes I thought that I heard a glubbing noise...no other way to explain it. I went out three times and glanced past the screen and saw nothing on the sidewalk so I would come and sit again. The fourth time, I actually went to the screen door and pushed it open. My step-dad was laying on the ground. I screamed and everyone of us took action. Fred died a few days later...(I think nine days later).

I am horrified to admit this next part, because it is so awful. I was glad. Everyone at school kept trying to convey their sympathies and I did not get it. You see, Fred was not a nice man. I have built excuse after excuse to this problem. He had heart troubles and so on, but the truth of the matter is this, he was wonderful to everyone outside the home.

I was afraid of the garage door opener noise, as that meant he was home, and would scatter with any siblings that were around. I participated in activities to avoid him. My favorite past-time to this day is rock collecting. This spurred as an escape that I found solace. I learned my first curse words from him. I am not sure if I recall them prior to girl scouts but that is when he cussed me out for not wearing a knit cap in the winter(I was being picked up from girl scouts...usually mom picked me up). All the girls in my troop heard me being foully yelled at.I was a witness to things that were not pleasant and as I closed in on my teen years picked up quite a mouth and drew the limelight to me.

I nicknamed things(probably with the others) the claw, the tapping, the electric chair, and so on. The belt harbored so much to me that only recently am I really trying to get my boys to wear one.

I recall the first time I mastered whistling. I was sitting in the front seat of the station wagon between Fred and mom, and mom was holding my little sister. I was whistling and Fred asked me to stop, and I did. Then my little sister who was 2-3 began to whistle. I was knuckled in my thigh. For something I did not do, but now vividly recall. I recall the pain I had every time I get a muscle cramp in my calf(about 1 a year). At his funeral my baseball coach(yes I played boys baseball) came and gave me a hug. I secretly thought that finally someone gets it. No he did not, but I took the hug as a cheer.

Fred crumbled the spirit of the home, and when he died as soon as a child could they fled. One year after his death the oldest 4 were gone and the fifth left soon too.

When I read blogs I see the facade that we often put on, and not the real person. I have tried very hard to maintain truth in my writing, and not try and paint anything that is not right on...as I despise the false front fantasy. I see the world in this fashion. We strive to put forth our wonderful beautiful self...with whitened teeth, hair color and hours of gym time, just to present the shell. The core is where one needs to begin. You see Fred had a very good shell. He knew what to say and do to those he felt that mattered, but neglected those that should of mattered. His core was bitter at home, vile and mean and bitter. I find comfort that God sees past the phony, hollow shell and sees our insides. He knows our potential. He knows that we are all evil, every single one, and that is why He sent His Son. He saw that all of us are worthy of being with Him, and all we need to do is receive the precious blood of Jesus to cover our filth. Funny but until I typed that sentence I thought I was better than Fred...nope, just a sinner covered by the blood.

I must say that this peek to recall my past is profound. I mentally access everything based on my childhood. I see the monster in man, as I saw him face to face. I find comfort in Philipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. I also understand that where I am is because of Him. I will never be able to be the one who is good in large social settings, but because of Him, I can still be there. I am a wonderful wife and mother, but past that social structure I am who I am only through Him. If I had not received Jesus, I am afraid of the path I would be on, you see, what I often criticize myself for such as my lacking the comfort to be more involved outside my door, is really a milestone, because I am able to function.

I try not to ponder my life had Fred lived. I am ashamed to admit that also. But would I have been able to find my Bill? I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to see what a father should be, instead of a horror that he(Fred) was. So with these thoughts I am closing this window into why I am who I am.

I will allow peeks into me now again down the road. I am sure they will not all be so cold and deep. I will always be the little girl who had the perfect life. Just not the safe life. But today, the little girl is safe and comforted through God, His Son, and through the wonderful family that I have. One that has allowed the little girl to have a safe childhood, filled with love laughter, joy, and most importantly no fear...just this time through my children's eyes. And really if you were to chose would you chose that your children have a childhood that is frightening or would you take it for yourself?

Amazing how many lessons and all lead to the Lord. God took it all on Him for us!So I am so thankful for this moment of reflection, as I am focused again where I need to be. Praise God!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Braided Rug

I am blogging the blues today. I have been under the weather both emotionally and physically over the past few days. I did finish my first ever braided rag rug. This is a first for me, and I made sure NOT to read any how to manuals on line. I tried to ponder how to do this and then embarked on the project.

I ended up with 44 feet of braided rags(remnant fabric). One was from leftover apron, one from sheets, one from curtains, and the other from couch pillow covers. I cut each strip in approximately 1.5 inch strips.(not even just a guess). Then I ironed each strip folding in each side. I began to braid each strip by using at first clothespins to hold the end, to finally wrapping it around my foot to continue braiding.

I sewed the braids together and then due to the rug bowing, undid the stitches. Once I braided all the fabric I began to sew again on a table and worked to keep it all flat. I think I did fairly well and won't read how to on this, because I think I did just fine.

Here is the rug as I began to sew it together. It took about 6 hours to cut and sew the pieces into strips( I only sewed around 6 feet together at a time to make braiding easy)

Here is the finished rug. This is for the bathroom...but I do love earth tones so this would match in every room in the house.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jagg Creations

Within the first year of marriage I became Jagg Creations. Combining my initials to include my maiden name, this became the logo of our family creations. Sounds silly, but I love to make and create things, and decided that as much as I could I would make the decor and niceties of the home. I cannot describe how much I love being a housewife and a stay at home mom, and creating things for the family!

I found joy in making the home our sanctuary, and a place that we have comfort. I have sewed my children a blanket almost every year of their lives, and in the years I didn't I experimented with other snuggly ideas. One year I made them sleeping bags to liken animals and had them roll up into the head when not in use, and another year a sister-in-law taught me to crochet, so I crocheted a blanket for them.

I even crocheted a blanket for Bill and I. It took 71 hours to complete(yes, I time myself) and we use it on the bed. And I always factor in my time in a skill, as then I see real time worth that I have added to the home.

I love to craft, but I have to craft with a purpose, meaning that I find a use for it. Often I create a craft by shear need.

So here is the hub of my creativity...my craft center.

Top right to left...soap making projects(to include shampoo...and mouthwash) center fabric sorted in colors and batting I bought for a baby quilt. Left ...patterns, a few craft books and a notebook of themes and ideas that I have put together over 20 years. Second row...fabric, fabric, and then the shoe boxes...first of the bath rag rug project, then the dish scrubbies completed, then the quilt squares.(after so many years I am ready to begin sewing the squares together.) Bottom row...garden seeds, some potatoes nearing planting, glue sticks and glue gun, rulers hole punches, center fabric, pens, markers, staplers, buttons, and more shoe boxes top for Keepers of the Faith, then yarn. In the drawers I have paper crafts, craft paints, denim not cut for squares, seasonal projects and candle making projects.

Here is the wall next to the hutch...I have been saving denim pants for years, to make Bill and I a denim quilt. I wondered what to do with the pockets and came up with this idea. Of course I have many denim pockets so this idea will be wide ranging.

As you can read the labels these are self explanatory.

I have decided that I will try and sneak a peek into my life for you every now and then. I realized that I love to see other bloggers homes and how they do things and realized that maybe you do too.

Have a wonderful week.